Sunday, 25 March 2012

I have been playing,these little samples are for backgrounds and i saw them being demonstrated so thought id have a try,the blur is a piece of card coloured with distress inks and sprayed with water,then chose a part of a mask and lay it where it suits and spray again,quite liberally,leave for just a few seconds and carefully lift mask off,take a roll of kitchen tissue and starting at the bottom roll it up to the top and remove,you are left with the die impression,leave to dry or dry with a heat gun,the amour sample is the same technique,cool eh?
The art sample with the lady is done with card coloured with distress inks and sprayed well with water, sprinkled with rock salt and left to dry overnight,then stamp how you wish, gives a nice mottled background,fun to do.I don't know who thought the ideas up but very clever.They can of course be done on a larger scale.

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Clarky J said...

Gorgeous backgrounds my friend xx