Friday, 5 October 2012


SORRY !!!!! i'm late with my scrapbook paper offer and the winner is ELEANOR,would you please send me your address and i can send them off to you love,have to figure how to send 12x12 papers through the post, any ideas, wish i could give you all somepapers but will look for more candy soon x


Viv's Visuals said...

Hello Luv!!! Bad result last night heh???? Anyway, I have sent scrapbook papers by rolling them up and putting them in a tube - depending on how thick your kitchen roll insides are these are quite useful to protect them a bit.. if you roll them tightly enough they won't get flattened...

Eleanor said...

Woohoo, thanks Georgina, they sound great, and I would be perfectly happy with Viv's idea of a tube, or you could even fold them if it's easier, as I will more than likely cut them up for a minibook anyway! thank you so much, I'll email you.