Sunday, 14 August 2011

WELL!! i had a great day today, a while back i won a competition to go to a class with the lovely Clare Rowlands and her Mollies at The Paperlane and to make things twice as nice my dear friends Janet and Michelle were there too was Janets birthday on Thursday and i couldn't get to see her so i took birthday gifts for her from myself and my daughter Joanne,i do think Janet was chuffed with them and the day went from better to that a word...Clare had us making a waterfall card...which i'm 100 % certain she wil never do again.. or not with me as she had to rescue mine from the complete disaster i made but in a true profesional spirit she did just that.Thanks to the other ladies who were there as they made the day great fun.Michelle brought me a lovely surprise, i had admired a skeleton scene box she had made and she had brought it along with a beautiful house that lit up with a light that changes colours,how amazing is that,THANK youxxx

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Netty said...

Sounds like a brilliant day. xx