Monday, 9 May 2011

At the weekend i was extremely lucky to go and stay at Skipton to meet up with my dear friends Janet,Emma,and Michelle who took pity on me and gave me a place to sleep lol.I caught a National Express coach in Darlington,went round the N.Yorks countryside ending up in Leeds where i had to change coaches,onward to Bradford,Shipley,Keighley,and finally Skipton were it was such a relief to see Michelles smiling face and we then went to Janets house ,which is always a great pleasure,Janet has a plaque in her hall informing all she is not a domestic goddess,but believe me you walk into a home that is welcoming and full of fun,who needs goddesses????Michelle and i then went to hers and her lovely husband Alan made me feel welcome and thats how i felt all weekend,told to make myself at home and help myself,how great was that,these ladies give a new meaning to friendship,believe me.Saturday was spent in a class Janet was doing and there was much merriment and i had to endure no end of mickey taking from Emma, and i never retaliated at all (hehehe) and a trip to Embsay just finished off.Evening was spent with everyone at Michelle and Alans having a meal and chatting about experiences,ghosts and life as you do.Sunday morning i was Taken to the bus(far too soon i might add) to make the return journey home.I want to thank these dear people who knew i needed a lift and the pleasure of their company,Thanks to you


Clarky J said...

Aww my dear friend you have my eyes leaking come on you know they are too close to my bladder to cope with all this mushy talk LOL. Love Love Loved seeing you as always - I count my blessings -the day your rolled up next to me at malham retreat - who would have known we would become such good friends. Truly I was blessed the day I met you xx Huge hugs special lady xx Janet

Netty said...

So pleased you had a wonderful time with your friends. Annette x

My name is Cindy said...

Sounds like a fun weekend, sigh, wish you wre all closer!! (Or I was!!. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the ATC fan.
Cindy x