Friday, 28 January 2011

As anyone who knows me will tell you that i only have a kitchen 'cause some architect decided to put one in the bungalow.... soooo to offset this silly notion i have a corner where i have my witches which i love.The witch mansion
my daughter and son in law bought for me from Boscastle in Cornwall ,which has a history of witches.The hanging and sitting witches have been given to me by family, grandchildren and friends and i seem to have accumulated a goodly selection of funny plaques too,which brighten up my fridge freezer thingy, the little door is one i got from a garden shop and thought the No Goblins sign on it was hilarious and went well with the witches,theres also one of my cotton spool creations on the fridge i made with a halloweeny theme.Now isn't that more fun than looking at a cooker or sink,I think so. The little witch you can see on the side of the fridge was made for me by my dear friend Pat down in Devon, so cool.


Netty said...

Terrific collection. x

She said...

Oh I love your 'witches corner'!! That little Door is FAB! I did a workshop making 'Fairy/Goblin' Doors like that......I had sooo much fun!! S xx and yes mine was a Goblin Fairies or Pink!!!