Monday, 27 September 2010

At the weekend I went to the craft weekend run by Janet and Michelle,many very nice crafters there who shared not only their knowledge but their stamps and anything else someone may have needed,dont you find crafters are such generous,friendly people? My daughter Joanne is part of this group and without her i wouldn't be able to get to all the crafting things we go to and i hope she knows how grateful i am.The food was good and Andy the chef did a great job,his wife Emma helping him along the way.Michelle did a class to decorate a chest in a seaside design, though a couple did theirs in christmas designs,Which was fun and taught us some techniques, thans Michelle, Janet made wonderful cakes some of which i very greedily took home,with her permission of course, as baking,NAY , any cooking is not my forte,i would just like to thank them for a great weekend.

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Clarky J said...

Glad you had a good time special lady - your Joanne is a gem and I loved both of your boxes!