Saturday, 31 July 2010

omg, there has to be an easier way to upload lots of pictures, but hey ho!!!This is an oriental book i made in a class with Michelle and Janet at the Stampman, Michelle made the book and gave us all we needed to do one, I have changed a few things but mainly her
idea,i am happy with my little additions/changes and i would recommend anyone to go to their classes as they are not only great but funny too,laughter an essential part of the carriculum.


Netty said...

Hi Georgina, love this especially the chinese stamp thats gorgeous. Annette x

Ildiko said...

I love this book Georgina. I made a book like this (not oriental ) for my mother in laws birthday and she lowed it. I made a tutorial but never bloged it no idea whi. Everyone thinks how difficult but it's not lol