Sunday, 11 July 2010

Here comes the proud nana bit so be warned, not a good photo at all but needed to show my beautiful 16 yr old grandaughter on her prom night.We went down to Devon to see her on her special night and she looked wonderful, (no justice here ) her dress was black with diamanties dotted over and up 3 straps, the back was laced also diamanties as were her black shoes and clutch bag that her grandad and i bought her,the crown thingy finished it all off beautifully.Her Uncle Barrie (our son) brought the Aston Martin d12 Vantage to take her to the ball and boy was she the envy of all her friends, so Barrie ended up having to take them all for a drive 1x1 and there was 7 of them ( plus me,his dad and sister, b.i.l) and oh boy that put a mighty dent in his pocket,only does 11 miles to gallon,. She had a wonderful night so it was well worth it and the boys went away in raptures over their drive,not concerned how the girls looked, just the

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Michelle said...

Wonderful photos Georgie and yes they all take after you. You must be so very proud!
x Michelle