Monday, 21 June 2010

How much fun did i have making this???? lots and lots thats how much.I made it for my bathroom and if you were to chat to Janet and Michelle they will probably have a good giggle,
I have made my bathroom a seaside theme and Janet,bless her heart,said it made her want to burst into song,the only thing missing really is sand and buckets and spades,mmmmm i could do something about that lol.


Debbie Dolphin said...

oh wow i love it sooo much. It caught my eye, because I too nearly made my loo into a beach theme last year.Even got the driftwood. We were in Jersey last year and was inspired by the toilets in a restaurant it was absolutely fab!!!lol just love what youve done xx
love debbie xx

Zoechaos said...

Great way to tell your visitors where the important room is LOL. Lucky you being near Janet and Michelle and co. xx Zoe

Clarky J said...

Oh come with me to the rolling sea where the weather is calm and still and have some fun and laughter with the adventures of portland Bill la la la la la la :0)
Seriously cool my gorgeous friend xx

Netty said...

Love it, expect your bathroom is really cool. Annette x not sure about Janet's singing

Michelle said...

Fabulous Georgina as is your bathroom!
x Michelle