Monday, 22 February 2010

Let me introduce you to Missy Ellis!!!
she is a jack russell and she rules us.


June said...

She is lovely, i adore small dogs and have just gotten a yorkshire terrier called JoJo ... i fear he already rules us too lol

blackdragon said...

I love Jacks... i have had two during the last 3o years.... maxwell who died in 1996 aged 16 and Fable who died last november aged 16 as well. I loved them both dearly.... there is no better dog to have than a jack.... i still miss max, and my life and my bed has a huge space in it since little fable died... lord i miss her!

LINDA said...

Missy Ellis, Is just adorable..Isn't it funny how they seem to take over our lifes.. Thanks for sharing..
Hugs, Linda