Thursday, 21 January 2010

today is a sad day ,it would be my mums birthday but ,we lost her and she is sadly missed,she was a rock to this family and a very strong woman,oh boy you didn't argue with her, if mum said black was white, you just agreed with her lol, but she loved all of us unconditionally, miss you mum and love youxxxx


Clarky J said...

aww love huge hugs xxx Its my mums birthday today too another thing we share x (as well as being completely bonkers, broke but good for a laugh) xx J

Karen said...

I am sorry about your Mum. I lost mine 7 years ago last week. I still miss her every day. I am so grateful to her because without her strong influence on me I would not be the person I am today. :-) I'll be sending your freebie shortly- still catching up!
Hugs, Karen (Karen's Doodles)

Michelle said...

Sorry your felling sad Georgina, a special hug coming your way for last week.
Much Love
x Michelle