Wednesday, 6 January 2010

feeling very confused today, so much i want to do and when i go for it my mojo decides to retreat to the lower depths of my grey cells,i'm trying to make the challenge for Tuesday Taggers in b/w and just as i start the H/W imp jumps in and stops me, anyone got a cure for this malady???? My good friends are probably in shock at the thought of this but never fear i shall fight it with all my being, luv Georginaxx


Clarky J said...

Oh no what a dilema!!! My instinct says give in to the H/W bug and do the challenge tomorrow when its all done so you can play gulit free :0) HTH my dear friend x janet

Clarky J said...

Someone is really having a larff here - The word verification on my last post was ANDUSTS! Im nearly wetting myself with laughter LOL