Monday, 18 May 2009

haven't done much on here but am looking to get some of my work up,have been looking at some blogs and am totally in awe of the work i see,but i think we have to remember that whatever level you are at the things we make are ours and we should be proud of our achievements.


Clarky J said...

I agree totally GG however I must point out your work is stunning so dont feel we wont be interested cos we will be inspired xx

LINDA said...

Hi, Georgina so good to see you.I agree also.We all are at different levels, and we all have different styles..That's what keeps it interesting..There is so much to learn and share with everyone..And the best part Is all the wonderful people we meet,and friendships we make along the way..I love seeing your beautiful creations!! and look forward to seeing more..
Big Hugs, My Friend..